Master degree in High Performance Computing, Simulation, specialized in scientific computing


This Master degree in High Performance Computing, Simulation,  specialized in scientific computing, from Lille 1 offers a top rate international interdisciplinary training year in applied scientific computing. It is available to postgraduate students who wish to specialize in modeling, numerical simulation and supercomputing.

The academic staff in charge is composed of distinguished Researchers and Professors from 8 laboratories and research institutions (CNRS, INRIA, ...) located on Lille 1 campus and we also welcome lecturers from Business and Industry.

The students will have at their disposal computing resources dedicated to high-performance scientific computing. They will have access to a hybrid cluster with a power of 45 TFlops including GPU devices and Xeon Phi coprocessors and the access to Grid'5000 nation-wide computational grid composed of several thousands of processins cores located at 11 geographically distributed sites.


Excellence Grants

10.000 € per year will be allotted to the most deserving applicants. Master 2 fellowships are funded by the French region Nord Pas-de-Calais and by LABEX CEMPI. The application procedure is fully explained in the registration form to fill in for Master 2.


Career prospects

This master leads to :

  • Fully qualified engineers or research and development engineers in various sectors such as car industry, aeronautics, space research, nuclear energy, environment, fossil and renewable energy.
  • A doctoral thesis in a research laboratory or in the industry.


List of laboratories

Laboratoire de mathématiques Paul PAINLEVE (UMR 8524)
Institut d'Electronique, de Micro-électronique et de Nanotechnologies (IEMN - UMR 8520)
Unité de Catalyse et de Chimie du Solide (UCCS - UMR 8181)
Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique et d'Electronique de Puissance (L2EP)
Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille  (LIFL - UMR 8022)
Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille (LML - UMR 8107)
Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules  (PhLAM - UMR 8523)


Compagnies involved




Master 1 Applied Mathematics and statistics

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